Thursday, July 12, 2012

261,089 Enforced Korean Sex Slaves Serviced US Troops in 1959?

A July 12 article in Stars and Stripes entitled "Ending the 'comfort women' euphemism" reports on a rumor that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has ordered her department to use "enforced sex slave" instead of "comfort woman."

The term "comfort woman" was once used by both Koreans and Japanese as a euphemism for prostitute, especially a military prostitute.

The article says that the term "comfort women" is widely used in Korea, both by the government and the victims themselves, but it quotes "an official in Seoul" as saying the following:

"It is an established term in Korea and is also used in laws. But if victims and their supporters want it to be changed, we will consider it."

If Korea decides to follow US Secretary of State Clinton's lead and use "enforced sex slaves" instead of "comfort women," then that would mean that more than 261,000 "enforced sex slaves" were servicing US and Korean troops in Korea in 1959, according to an October 1959 article in the Korean newspaper Donga Ilbo entitled, "66% of Comfort Women Infected--Results of a Nationwide Check-up of Female Entertainers."

The article says that besides the 261,089 "comfort women" that were checked for veneral disease (VD), 63,635 hostesses, 51,119 unlicensed prostitutes, and 16,864 dancers were also checked for a total of 392,707 women. The comfort women had the largest percentage of VD at 66%, but 16.2% of the hostesses, 13% of unlicensed prostitutes, and 4.4% of the dancers also tested positive for VD.

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  1. But I think Koreans don't regard them, comfort women for US soldiers and comfort women for Japanese soldiers, as equivalent. They must insist the former was volunteers and the latter was victims, the former was legally collected by their own government and the latter was coerced by their ruler's government.

    They like to insist no Korean woman wanted to be a prostitute for Japanese army voluntarily. But I found an interesting data that might disprove their claim.
    Here's the number of Korean applicants for Japanese army.
    Year/Korean applicants/Actual recruits/Competition rate
    1938/ 2,946 / 406 / 7.3
    1939/ 12,348 / 613 / 20.2
    1940/ 84,443 / 3,060 / 27.6
    1941/ 144,743 / 3,208 / 45.1
    1942/ 254,273 / 4,077 / 62.4
    1943/ 303,394 / 6,000 / 50.6
    1944/ Conscription became applied to Korean
    (Source:"1.Current situations of Korea and Taiwan / 1 Current situations of Korea and Taiwan,1" P17)

    When conscription started, Koreans were excited in delight.

    It's completely a fabrication made after the WWII, that Koreans were always against Japanese occupation.

    So many Korean women voluntarily worked, or were sold by parents against their will, as a Kisaeng for feeding their poor family since before occupation period.
    261,089 women voluntarily worked as a comfort woman even the after the WWII.
    And today, still one out of ten Korean women have ever worked as a prostitute and over 100,000 Korean prostitutes are working overseas legally or illegally.
    To me, their insistence seems very unconvincing.