Tuesday, July 17, 2012

UPI Reoorts - "Seoul ponders 'comfort women' name change"

United Press International (UPI) reports "Seoul ponders 'comfort women' name change." The name "comfort woman" was both a Korean and Japanese euphemism for "military prostitute."

Considering all the anti-Japanese feelings in South Korea, why would the Korean Government be "pondering" an opportunity to really stick it to the Japanese?

Because the Korean government set up its own "comfort woman" system after the Japanese left Korea and provided "comfort women" for Korean and UN servicemen from the time of the Korean War until sometime in the 1980s, so they probably fear that their government's "comfort women" will also be labeled "sex slave" instead of "military prostitute."

An October 19, 1959 article in the South Korea newspaper Donga Ilbo HERE, for example, reported that 261,089 "comfort women" had been tested for venereal disease and that 66.4% of them had tested positive. If the definition for "comfort woman" is changed, then that would mean that the Korean government was providing 261,089 "sex slaves" to service Korean and UN servicemen in 1959.

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  1. 『Sex, Lies, and Comfort Women』

    『Demythologization of the myth of the Comfort Women』

    Sex slavery is not past issue in Korea. It still exists there even today.

    Is Korea really making bigger efforts to solve her ongoing problem than to build Comfort Woman monuments all over the world?